Sedi's Wood Working

Welcome to Sed’s Woodworking.

A guide to all things Woodwork
So are you interested in wood or have a passion for working with it? Well then you have come to tahe right place because this is where you can get all of your wood info.

Not only will you find plenty of information on things such as timber, joints, finishes and adhesives, but you’ll also find info on components, tools and I’ll even throw in some handy facts and quick tips just to give you that little bit of extra help.

The info you will find on this website is about general areas related to wood which includes things such as some carpentry, cabinet making and furniture.

So if you like working with wood then you should be able to find plenty of information to help you out before you start your next wood project.

This website also has plenty of diagrams and pictures to help you identify something that you may have never seen before such as a certain type of timber, joint or tool.

If there’s something related to the website you want to tell me feel free to contact me about it and i will try to reply to your questions as soon as possible.